The project of the German company “Nemus GmbH” in Uzbekistan – “Global Sayohat Tur” renders services in the field of tourism and provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of sunny Uzbekistan. Foreign Enterprise LLC “Global Sayohat Tur” was registered and provides services in the sphere of tourism on the basis of a license issued by the state body of the Republic of Uzbekistan since 2014. The knowledge and vast experience of our company enables us to provide quality services in the field of tourism.


Our main goal is the provision of quality tourism services. In our work we use an individual approach: in addition to standard tours, we develop and offer programs that meet the desires and capabilities of each traveler, which makes the vacation even more pleasant and eliminates unnecessary costs.

Tourists visit Uzbekistan, in particular such cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz due to the interest in its historical and architectural sights.

Guests of this wonderful country can not only learn the original history, culture, tradition and way of life of the peoples living here, but also to travel to the holy places where people from all over the world make pilgrimage. You can visit historical places, monuments, museums and art galleries, ancient buildings and structures (for example, ancient fortresses, mosques, madrassas, libraries and wells), as well as parks, national festivals and other cultural events. We offer cognitive excursion programs, the routes of which will help to see the monuments that are under the protection of UNESCO, and to uncover the secrets of ancient legends.

In order to provide quality services to tourists and within the framework of the Global Sayohat Tur project, Nemus GmbH has implemented several projects in the sphere of hotel services, such as the 4 **** hotel Meridian Termez Hotel, in Termez and 4 * *** hotels  and “Grand Bukhara” in the city of Bukhara. In addition, it works closely with other hotels in Uzbekistan.

In order to make trips more memorable, interesting and exciting, we included in our tours various shows and folklore concerts, formed on the basis of Uzbek traditions and culture, clothing, musical instruments and masterpieces of handwork.

The national cuisine, has a deep history, and it is closely connected with Uzbek culture, language and traditions.

We are ready to do our best and continue to work in this direction, so that our guests can have the most comfortable and interesting vacation and on advantageous conditions, and so they could get a great pleasure by getting acquainted with the rich culture, traditions and history of Uzbekistan.