Business tourism

Business tourism is business trips and corporate meetings. The purpose of business tourism is to conduct business meetings, negotiations, familiarization with objects for solving various issues.

To obtain the expected result during the trip, it is necessary to organize business negotiations.

“Global Sayohat Tour” in the person of qualified and experienced employees has extensive experience in organizing both individual and corporate business tours.

For your convenience, our company has the opportunity to provide services with such issues as:

  • Visa processing services;
  • accommodation in hotels;
  • holding ceremonial events;
  • organization of participation in international exhibitions;
  • organization of business breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
  • rent of a conference hall with technical facilities in a convenient place for you;
  • selection of personnel for negotiations; (Secretary, translators)
  • organization of a cocktail after negotiations;
  • transport services, including rent of cars to destination;