Ferghana is a city in the east of Uzbekistan, located in the southern part of the Fergana Valley. The name of the city of Fergana, perhaps, comes from the Persian word “فرقانه” (Farghaneh), which means “diverse”.

Ferghana’s chronicle fits into three historical periods: pre-revolutionary, Soviet and current (the era of independence). The city was founded in 1876.

Ferghana: one of the most young cities of Uzbekistan. The city has more than 340 000 persons what makes its third among the valley city of the ferghana valley.

In Ferghana there are no ancient architectural and historical monuments, but without them the city is very picturesque and has its own unique appearance. The main decoration of the city – century trees: plane trees, poplars, oaks … They have long turned Fergana into a garden city.

In 55 kilometers from Ferghana there is a picturesque corner of Uzbekistan – Shakhimardan. This is a traditional place of rest for the inhabitants of Margilan and Ferghana.

Fergana Valley. In the 1980s, Soviet archaeologists in the Sel-Ungur cave found anthropological materials (human teeth and humerus), interpreted as belonging to one of the archaic erectoid forms. The proposed rather controversial dating of the complex at the age of more than 1 million years ago, in the light of the latest data is not confirmed.



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