The authors of “The Lost Avocado” travel blog Sarah Izzi and Timur Tugaev in April visited Uzbekistan to talk about a new interesting tourist destination on their social networks. The team visited Copenhagen, New York, the Kyrgyzstan mountains, traveled by car through Cuba and now arrived in Uzbekistan to shoot the next series of the Lost in… With the assistance of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development, Italian bloggers plan to write high-quality and interesting guides to Uzbekistan. Sarah Izzi and Timur Tugalov  are the text blogs authors, their project is in the top ten most popular sites about tourism in Italy, and the films are known all over the world. So in 2017, their project about Kyrgyzstan became the best according to the National Geographic Traveler Britain. In 2018, the Italians won first place in the same competition for the Lost in Cuba, shot in Latin America. The film Lost in Malta received the award Vimeo Staff Pick Award, the project was made in cooperation with DJI, the world leader in the production of drones.

Sarah is a tourism writer, created major publications about the tourism potential of 52 destinations. Timur  talented Director, creates high-quality video content for «The Lost Avocado». Timur graduated from the prestigious Glasgow school of art (Scotland) with a master’s degree in 3D animation and visual effects.

Sarah and Timur did not start their journey in Uzbekistan with the popular cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, but visited the heart of Uzbekistan – the Fergana valley and at the end of their journey in the region became aware t that the collected material can fit a full-length film or a book.

In the Fergana valley travelers met interesting people and were inspired by the works of craftsmen.

“Ferghana valley hides incredible treasures and is the center of traditions that are worth knowing and preserving. In Margilan we got acquainted with the production of manual silk and carpet weaving, in Rishtan we saw how the world-famous ceramic products are created. In Rishtan there is a whole dynasty, which has been engaged in ceramics for centuries, the skill passes from generation to generation. It’s a unique experience to see everything with your own eyes,” says Sarah.

At the “Yodgorlik” factory Italian bloggers learned the whole silk production process from the cocoon to the yarn. The factory employs very ordinary people, but they create real works of art, modestly taking their work for everyday routine. This is the uniqueness of this noble land.

“First of all, it was important for us to show the ordinary people, their open hearts, hospitality. Being constantly in a creative search for successful angles, I want to show the best sides, the uniqueness of the place in which we are. Uzbekistan has incredible architecture and breathtaking landscapes. I stayed literally at every step of every landscape and view you can paint a picture! Now from just one trip to the Ferghana valley we have received so much material that will be enough for a documentary. And we still have a trip to the historical cities of Uzbekistan! – shares his impressions of Timur.

In the future, the guests plan to complete the journey through the historical cities of Uzbekistan, and the release in June the first series of the: Lost in Uzbekistan.



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