Navoi – the city is located in the valley of the Zeravshan River and was founded in 1958. The city was created as the center of the mining industry for the extraction of rare earth elements, precious metals and uranium. Navoi is the leading industrial center of Uzbekistan.

In 1958, the Karman settlement began the construction of a mining and metallurgical plant, and a new city was founded, named Navoi, in honor of the great Uzbek poet, the scientist and statesman Alisher Navoi.

Although the city and the young, this area and the vicinity of the present city of Navoi, has a rich history, in the ancient times the Great Silk Road passed here. Also as a result of archaeological excavations in these places numerous evidence was found for the existence here of culture centers of ancient Saks, Khorezmians, Bactrians.

One of the favorite vacation spots for townspeople and tourists who come here and to nearby cities is the South Park, in which the stadium, swimming pool, cinemas are located. In addition, more recently, the Northern Park was built, which is much larger in area than the South Park, and is called the park of. Alisher Navoi. Popular recreation places are the recreation center of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine “Lazurnaya”, located on the shore of Lake Tudakul, as well as the mountain camp Sarmysh, located 30 km from the city in the Nurata Mountains.


Sarmishsai. Natural-archeological monument, known petroglyphic images and rare species of flora and fauna.

Sarmishsai is the largest concentration of rock carvings in Uzbekistan. According to the application for the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the value of this object corresponds to the value of the petroglyphic landscapes of Tamgaly in Kazakhstan and Saimaluu-Tash in Kyrgyzstan. The application was filed in 2008, but the status of the World Heritage Site has not yet been assigned.

Rabat-i Malik is located 23 kilometers west of Navoi city center and about a hundred kilometers north-east of Bukhara. In the Middle Ages in these metahs passed a segment of the Great Silk Road, leading from Samarkand to Bukhara, which led to the construction of a fortified rebate, known as Rabat-i Malik. Next to the complex is the famous Malik sardoba, a modern discount giant cistern.

Sardoba Malik is an underground brick cistern located in the vicinity of the city of Navoi. Sardoba was built in the 11th century to supply the Rabat Malik caravanserai. Technically, the sardoba is a reservoir 13 meters deep, covered with a dome 12 meters in diameter. There are three light windows in the dome. Currently, the entrance is a portal (recently added). A descent to the water from the portal is the ramp. Sardoba was filled with water from the Zarafshan River through an underground canal – kyarizu, which had access to the surface of a network of wells.



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