Termez – Termez is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia, the city entered in the VI century BC. E. In the state of the Achaemenids, at that time is described as an ancient city. In 329 BC. E. The city was conquered by Alexander the Great. Later, the founder of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom Demetrius named the city of Demetris. As part of the Kushan kingdom (from the first to the third century AD), the city was called Ta-li-mi (in the Chinese sources Tu-mi, Tami.) During this period, the city becomes an important center for the spread of Buddhism.

In the 9th-10th centuries Termez is a large city, a trade, craft, scientific and cultural center. At this time the length of the defensive structures of the city was 10 kilometers, there were 9 gates.

Termez is the southernmost city of Uzbekistan.

20 km to the west of the city, downstream of the Amu Darya, is the Aral-Paigambar Nature Reserve – an island with tugai forests.

Also in the city there is a monument to the hero of the folk epics Alpamysh.

The date of the founding of the city of Old Termez, located a few kilometers east of the modern city, is not known. In April 2002, the 2500th anniversary of the city of Termez was celebrated.

In the fortress of Old Termez, the mausoleum rises, where the ashes of the great Khoja Abu Abdullah al-Khakim at-Termisi lie. (In ancient times it was customary in the East to add the name of the place where a person was born to a name, so many scientists who were born in Termez called themselves at-Termezi). This scholar wrote over 80 works on history, philosophy, law and Sufism, he gave an interpretation of the ancient Turkic calendar. The sources say that Hakim Termezi lived 120 years, leaving behind a rich spiritual heritage. He is revered as the founder of Islamic teaching. It is not by chance that the mausoleum of al-Termezi is called one of the active shrines and a kind of “Mecca” for pilgrims.

In the village of Sherabad (60 km north of Termez) is located the mazar of the 9th-century Muslim theologian, compiler of the hadeeth of Abu Isa Muhammad ibn Sa’ra who was one of the creators of Hadith, the second most important book after the Koran.

In Termez there is an archaeological museum.


  • Old Termez mound
  • Kara-Tepe-Buddhist monastery of the 1st-4th centuries AD E.
  • Mazar Sufi al-Hakim at-Termezi (XI-XV centuries)
  • Ensemble of mausoleums of Termez seids Sultan-Saadat (XI-XVII centuries)
  • Country palace Kirk-kyz (IX or X century)


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