Uzbekistan Mountains are one of the best destinations for travelers all over the world with its high-mountain passes, alpine pastures, rivers and savage gorges. Here mountains are full of wild apple trees and mountain cherries, dog-roses, yellow ferules, tulips and blackberry bushes and many other represents of fauna and flora.
Ugam-Chatkal National Park in Western Tianshan (Celestial Mountains”) is quick access to mountain which is 60 miles away from Tashkent city which is famous with popular mountain skiing resorts like “Chimgan” and “Beldersay” and Charvak high-mountain reservoir.

Another attractive place for trekking is situated in Surxendarya region, south of Uzbekistan.  The central and southern part of the region – a plain, bordered to the north Hissar range (the highest point of Uzbekistan, H= 4643 m), on the west and northwest its spurs – Baysuntau mountains (H= 4425 m) and Kugitangtau (H=3139 m), in the east – the backbone Babatai (H= 2290 m) in the south – the valley of the Amu Darya. Everything here can make you be in high spirits: nice weather, the breath-taking beauty of rivers and mountains. So come, trek and enjoy with AST.

2 DAYS TREKKING from Beldersay to Chimgan Valley

Short info about this tour:
Duration: 2 days 
Difficulty: Medium
Type: Linear (begins and ends at different points)
Height over fall: 1625m – 2250m – 1700m – 2000m – 1750m  (+625m; -550; +300m; -250m;)
Note: In case of bad weather guides reserve the right to change the route.



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